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  • Improving clinical outcomes through broadened clinical knowledge

    Improving clinical outcomes through broadened clinical knowledge

    AUIS espouses and leads the development of cohesive clinical care. Cohesive clinical care is the disciplined integration of Western allopathic medicine and quantifiable evidenced based healing modalities from the various cultures of the world into a singular comprehensive health care delivery system. The goal is to expose Western trained and practicing physicians to truly useful additions to the allopathic line of treatment. AUIS trained physicians explore the whole person (body, Mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle and diet.
  • A technology-centered learning experience

    A technology-centered learning experience

    AUIS is geared to create adaptive, quick-thinking physicians. We have made a significant investment in technology designed to engage the minds of students, enhance learning outcomes and better bridge the gap in knowledge between the basic sciences and clinical sciences.
  • Creating Real World Health Professionals

    Creating Real World Health Professionals

    At AUIS, we know the practice of medicine is changing, new insights break daily, and students want to be prepared to excel in their chosen discipline. In order to deliver top-flight medical care, a physician must be flexible, agile and recognize that the new world of medicine is increasingly not soley patient-outcome driven . We train our doctors to focus on the fiscal and social accountability associated with health care delivery and to teach effective sustainability through practice and development of the proper utilization of resources and infrastructure. The practice of medicine in the 21st century is about a holistic and comprehensive view of the patient-physician relationship.
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